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Return Policy and Refund Guidelines: 

As part of our commitment to maintaining a conducive learning environment, we have established the following return policy and refund guidelines:

Cancellation before Classes Start: If your child is unable to continue with the new Term, we kindly request that you notify us at least one week before the term's commencement date. This allows us to accommodate any necessary adjustments and potentially offer the spot to another student.


Refund Policy: It's important to note that our refund policy states that no refunds will be issued after the completion of the third session of the newTerm. Should your child attend at least three sessions and subsequently decide to discontinue, we will be unable to provide a refund for the remaining sessions.

Make-Up Policies:


Group Sessions Make-Up: If you miss a group session, you are entitled to a complete make-up class. This can be arranged by joining another available group session of the same level. Alternatively, you have the option to attend a

30 minute private make-up session. Please coordinate with our team to select the most suitable make-up arrangement for your needs.


Private Sessions Make-Up:


For private sessions, we offer the following options for make-up sessions:


Advance Cancellation: If you provide us with a minimum of one day's notice before your scheduled private session, we will arrange a suitable make-up session for you. This helps us allocate resources effectively and provide alternative arrangements to other students.


Emergency Situations: We understand that emergencies can arise suddenly. In such cases, please inform us as soon as possible, and we will work with you to reschedule your missed session at no additional charge.


No-Show Policy for Private Sessions: In the event of a no-show for a scheduled private session without prior notice or valid reason, we will apply a charge for the missed session. We believe that mutual respect for scheduled sessions benefits everyone and helps us maintain the quality of our educational services.

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