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All classes are online now. Contact us for more information.

Open Enrollment


Farsi learning program:


Conversational Farsi as well as vocabulary and phrases are introduced to our students through games and activities. These fun activities are wide ranging and include art project, Persian songs, story telling, and traditional Persian holidays such as Yalda and Norooz. 

Familiarity with alphabet is emphasized by focusing on singing and games. Handwriting, reading, and numbers are taught as well. Food, nature, family and friends are presented to students to reinforce new concepts and words.

Children progress at their own pace and are encouraged to speak Farsi in class.

Play and Story writing program:


 This course will teach kids to develop story, character & theme into a story outline and transform it to create a play. It's a group work and they learn basic techniques,

being creative and expressive and improve communication skill. 

They have two performances a year after each series of sessions.

Private Classes:


We Offer Private classes for Farsi and Art. Call us to schedule a class.

We will provide classes for your group of 4 and up and we will come to your location.

Call us for more information.

Camps and Workshops:


Kids' camps and workshops designed to enhance Farsi language skills offer a dynamic and enjoyable way for young learners to immerse themselves in the language. Through a variety of engaging activities and interactive sessions, these programs provide children with a unique opportunity to develop their Farsi language proficiency while having fun. Language-focused games, creative projects, and cultural exploration activities not only make the learning process enjoyable but also effective. By fostering an environment of excitement and curiosity, these camps and workshops encourage children to actively participate and practice their language skills in real-life contexts. Whether it's through storytelling, role-playing, or art projects, these activities promote language learning in a holistic manner, allowing kids to absorb vocabulary and expressions effortlessly. In the end, these camps and workshops play a crucial role in instilling a love for language learning in children and nurturing their appreciation for the Farsi culture.

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